What Are The Signs Of Attraction From A Man That Is In To You

You are single again, you have managed to build up your self confidence again, and your self esteem is at an all time high, you feel excited about the thought of meeting someone new, but this time round you really want to be with someone that is into you. So you want to know what are the signs of attraction when you meet a guy. The more information that you have up your sleeve the more you will know when a guy is into you does make it that much easier when you are back on the single circuit looking for love romance and dating.

What are the signs of attraction
What are the signs of attraction that he is in to you
Signs of Attraction

It has been proven time and again when a man is attracted to you no matter how shy he is he will make the first move, firstly he will indicate to you that he does like you and is attracted to you in more ways than one, he will wait for your response if there is none then he will not really go that one step further, but if you give him the go ahead then he will be hot on your trail.

The Woman Gives the Go Ahead

When a woman chooses to reflect on her relationships of the past she will see a pattern emerge and will understand that it was her decision to let a romantic encounter occur with the opposite sex. So if a man makes a bee line for you, you know that you instigated this very move of his. There are up to 52 different ways in which a woman can show a man that they are interested in them. She will give out these signals to a man that she sees and then the game will be on, he will notice these signs and if he is attracted to you, then he will reciprocate with his own messages of showing you that he is attracted to you.

His signs that say he is attracted to you.

1. The Eyebrow Flash

When a man see’s someone that he is attracted to automatically his eyebrows will rise and fall. This whole thing would last about a fifth of a second and it happens all over the world everywhere. When we lift our eye brows it helps pull the eyes open and will allow for more light to reflect off the surface, therefore making them look bright, large and more inviting. So if you see this you will know that they like you and what they see, this happens naturally and the person doing it will not have realized it. So if you do like what you see you can reflect this back but hold if for a couple of seconds longer as it will give the male a chance to register that you also like what you see.

2. His lips will part

When a man sees a woman that he likes his lips will automatically part for a moment when your eyes first lock. He will also stare intently and his nostrils flare and his face basically opens up for you to see i.e. the raised eyebrows, parted lips, flaring nostrils and wide eyes will give his face a look of friendliness and an open expression, giving you the “I am attracted to what I see” look.

3. Getting your attention.

When a man is trying to give you a sign that he is attracted to you, he will either become loud and boisterous so you will notice him in the group of his friends or on the other hand they will adjust a piece of the clothing such as their tie etc. Another way in which a man will attempt to get your attention if he is with his friends that he will stand aside from them in the hope that you will notice them. Also to show you that he is attracted to you he will go about trying to smooth or mess his hair depending on which gesture suits him and makes him appear more flattering to you. You will notice men do this often. If they are attracted to a female they will touch their hair.

4. Yes he is into you when he does this

While you are having a conversation with him he will have his eyebrows slightly raised, if he has a slightly surprised, quizzical expression on his face then this indicates that he does find you fascinating. So if you find that a man talks to you with a smooth, relaxed brow and eyes then he is telling you that he is finding you boring. Another indicator is when he will fiddle away with his socks and pull them up.

So who would think that socks are a sign that he is attracted to you but it is true as it is an extension of preening, so if you find the guy pulls up or goes about adjusting his socks in your presence, then it is a 100 percent sign that he is attracted and interested in you and is doing his best to look good in your eyes.

5. His body

When a man is attracted to you, he will stand with all his muscles pulled tight and this is to show you his body to its best advantage. He will also stand right in front of you to show you that you have his attention and will lean forward to get closer to you. He will also let you know that he is checking you out, and his eyes will stop at the “alluring parts”.

Do note that he would have done the full body scan automatically the second that he laid his eyes onto you. The only difference now is that he is letting you see him do it, and the message that he is getting across to you is “I am considering you as a sexual partner”.

While he is sitting opposite you, he will spread his legs so you can see his crotch on display. He is letting you have a really good look so you do know what is on offer. If he is standing then he will put his hands on his hips, this will accentuate his physical size and does suggest body confidence, and in another way it is a pointing gesture, where we would point with our hands our sexual asset and also at the parts of our body where we would love to be touched.

So while talking to him throughout the course of the evening if he continuously puts his hands on his hips, fingers are splayed and pointing downward, he wants you to look, and hopefully touch and admire the part of him that he is most proudest of this is done subconsciously in many cases.

6. So if he is doing this it also means that it is signs of attraction

A man that is attracted to you will play with the buttons on their jacket i.e. they will button and unbutton it. This happens because you have made him nervous, and it is also an unconscious desire to remove his clothes. Then what he will do next is push his jacket open and hold it there by putting his hands on his hips, so if he takes off his jacket completely then you know that he is visualizing his shoes are under your bed.

He will also touch his face a lot while he does look at you, and if he is interested in you then he will stroke his cheek up and down with the back of his fingers, touch his ears, or rub his chin. This is all due to a combination of nervous excitement, autoerotic touching and preening.

So when we are attracted to someone our skin more so our lips and mouth will become more sensitive to touch. If they are a smoker then they will take more drags on their cigarette. If they are drinking then they will take more sips. You will also start to touch your own mouth more as your lips have become more sensitive and it feels good to you. This also plants an idea into the other person’s mind that a kiss is a great idea.

A man will also squeeze his glass or roll it from side to side, and will slightly squeeze it as he does this. When men are sexually interested they will start to play with circular objects, as this reminds them of your breasts and by him doing this it is showing that his body is leaking what is happening in his subconscious mind. A man that is attracted to you will also sit on the edge of his seat to get closer to you, and if he also crosses his legs, the top leg will point in your direction.

7. The gentleman

A man that is attracted to you will help to guide you by putting his arm on your elbow or into the small of your back. He does this as he does not want to loose you in the crowd, and it also is to show you that he is taking care of you and it shows other men that you have been taken.

If throughout the evening you find that you are cold then he will give you his coat or jacket to wear this is a protective, sexy, ownership gesture and says to you “what is mine is yours” and something that has been close to my skin is now close to yours. So when you put it on it smelt of him, and when you give it back it smells of you, it also links you both as he has to stay to get it back.

In conclusion

So there are many ways in which men will show you that they are attracted to you, so when you are out and about, do look for all these signs that a man is really attracted to you, this then ensures that you do appeal to him, and that now it is up to you whether you want to take it any further. He will dance to your tune as he is attracted to you in more ways than one!

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