Signs and Symptoms of Lovesickness

Signs And Symptoms Of Love Sickness

You have met a great person and you think to yourself that this person is the one! You feel that you are falling in love, and start to feel constantly on a high with happy feel good feelings, a sense of euphoria and life is great. This is love!

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The reason why when we fall in love is that we will start to experience lovesickness is when we experience anxiety and neediness..

Signs and Symptoms of Lovesickness

  • Anxiety sets in when they don’t call

  • You think about the person all the time

  • You can’t sleep and become an insomniac

  • Have no real appetite

  • Become unfocused and dreamy

  • Loose contact with friends and family

  • Wanting to spend every moment with the person you love

  • When you feel your love is not being reciprocated you can start to feel that you are possibly not good enough, or not attractive, etc.

You question yourself how can you experience lovesickness when you are in love it just doesn’t seem to make sense does it. Especially as being in love is such a positive experience where we can forget about our friends for a time, food doesn’t appeal like it used to, we can be dreamy and become unfocused.

So as we enjoy the emotion of love, that creates chemical changes within our body, it is when we start to question ourselves, such as do they see me as “attractive” or “am I too fat” or “am I too skinny” or “will it last”  or “they aren’t ringing as often” etc. we can exhibit signs of anxiety and neediness and feel we are becoming to dependant on the person. This is when we experience the “lovesickness” rollercoaster called deep fear.

So the solution is to be upfront with the person that you are in love with as they are also vulnerable in loving you in return and more than likely experiencing those same anxieties. It is while you are in this open phase of experiencing euphoric love that you can put forward your fears to them.

It is better to communicate these symptoms of lovesickness rather than dwell on them and possibly sabotage a love relationship in the making.

Lovesickness is associated with feelings of insecurity within a relationship, and lack of self esteem, anxiety and other negative emotions set in when love is not reciprocated or when insecurity overwhelms.

When these feelings are experienced it is wise to stop and look within yourself, and realise that really everything is ok. The person you met is for a reason for a time, and the more you choose to be at peace within yourself  the more you will enjoy the relationship!

So love is an emotion that is experienced all over the world and happens everyday to someone. Falling in love is a positive experience, but it is the insecurities that we can experience that can create the lovesickness within ourselves.

So never be afraid to experience love it is there for every person on the planet to experience.

By Raisa Soria

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