Mind Attraction And Manifestation

Mind attraction
Mind attraction
It is known that the mind is a powerful tool to help us to attract and manifest what we would like in life to unfold for us. The awesome power of the mind will draw certain events, circumstances and people into your life and will repel others. In one essence the mind resembles a magnet. Do observe the people around you, and what you will find is that some will have difficult experiences and where others will have calm sailing. Then you have some people that will find something to accomplish as difficult  and where there is another individual will find it very easy to accomplish the same thing. So is mind attraction into play here?

Your mind is composed of many thoughts all of which you think. These thoughts are loaded with magnetic currents. If you go and think positively about some event or action, you will achieve positive results. If secretly you harbor negative thoughts, then you will find that this negativity is drawn into your life. You will attract into your life of what you think most of. Also this does not mean that every thought will get materialized, as the thoughts that are weak and not repeated long enough will not gain sufficient strength. Weak thoughts are like a weak magnet and will have hardly any attracting power.

Magnets And Mind Attraction

No doubt you have seen magnets in action, how they will draw metal objects. A strong and large magnet will draw bigger objects than a magnet that is small and weak. Also magnets have two sides, one side will draw metal objects to and the other side will repel a metal object.  A magnet will draw everything that is made from iron to itself regardless if it is useful or it is junk. The mind acts in the same way. It will attract into your life negative and positive situations and events, and this all according to the thoughts you think!

The mind will also repel and attract just like a magnet does. So if you do not believe that you are able to accomplish something then you will repel it. Therefore what will happen you will experience thoughts of incompetence, weakness, fear and inferiority all help to create a repellent force. It is like you are creating a breeze that will blow away and prevent you from attaining certain things to reach you.

How To Charge Your Mind Attraction

There are more than one way in which you can charge your mind and your thoughts with magnetic power. This comes through having a strong desire, concentration and faith are some of the important aspects that you need to have to infuse power into your thoughts. So many people will activate the magnetic power of their mind unconsciously, without even being aware of what they are doing. So when you do get to know the rules, you are then able to activate the magnetic power of your mind consciously, effectively and positively.

By using visualization and thinking with concentration, desire and faith, and by choosing to repeat these thoughts often will create a powerful energy that becomes unleashed to fulfil its potential. Your thoughts will get radiated and broadcasted, where it will influence the minds of other people, and it will attract people who do think along the same lines as you do who will be able to help you with your plans. This process will also heighten your awareness and perceptiveness of opportunities that are connected with your thoughts that do come your way, and you will be filled with the inner power and the initiative to utilize it.

Becoming Aware Of Your Thoughts

It will serve you well to become aware of the thoughts that go through your mind each day, the thoughts that are positive and are beneficial to you then do add power to them, if they are negative thoughts, you can let go of them and replace them with a positive one instead as an example you could think “I do not have money” to “I do have money and more is coming my way” or “I am depressed” to I am enjoying moments of happiness throughout my day”. Do acknowledge the negative thought but do not hold on to it, bless it and let it go and replace with a positive.

By becoming conscious of your thoughts, you have the power to gain great things such as being able to have  the mind attraction happening to attract the right people, circumstances, events, possessions or a life style with the magnetic power of attraction of your great mind.

In Conclusion

Do remember that what you do think about rather intently with attention and feeling will be attracted to you. So be wise with your thoughts always put the power of your mind into those things that you do want to manifest in your life. Do be aware that the power of attraction is a universal power and does manifest everywhere and in everything. Think about it we live in a big world yet we are all interlaced with each other in some shape form or another. It is a big picture to comprehend but it is all connected with mind attraction.

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